1688 Sourcing Agent

1688 is one of the biggest wholesale marketplat in China and we provide a complete sourcing solution from 1688 as buying agent.

1688 sourcing agent

You often have these problems?

I search suppliers, and products on English Platform.
I need better price but don’t know how to do it.
We are a starup company and want to start from small order Qty. 500pcs or more is too big for us.
I want to buy something on 1688.com but I don’t know Chinese.
I’m very busy every day and don’t have enough time for searching.
I got some great offers on 1688.com, but I need someone to check the suppliers for me.
I hope someone could help me to solve the delivery time problem against waiting for 30days or more.

How Does It work?

Search Products

You can use google translate or other tool to translate the product keywords into Chinese, then search it on 1688.com or search it by item photos.You can get many similar items on 1688.

Note Down Product

Copy down the product links you want to buy. Record the rough price on the site. Send us the order wish list with item QTY and also quality requirement.

Issue An Invoice

Issue An Invoice

Our 1688 sourcing agent team will double check the quality requirement, price, order QTY and delivery time with the supplier. Meanwhile, we will confirm the shipping cost from suppliers to our company. After that, we will issue you an invoice.

Make Deposit

You just need to confirm the invoice and arrange 30% deposit to us by T/T transfer, Paypal, Payoneer to initiate the order. And the rest will be paid before shipment.

Payment Arranging

Purchase and Follow Up

Purchase&Follow UP

After receiving your deposit, our sourcing team will place the order on 1688 and follow up the whole process. When our warehouse gets the goods, we will open the box and check if the item quality and QTY is in accordance with our requirement. We will take the photos for your confirmation.

Shipping Arrangement

After goods confirmation, we will arrange the shipment as your requirement.We also can provide several sultion for your choice. Meanwhile, you can store your goods in our warehouse and accept our one-stop drop-shipping service.

Shipping Arrangement