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As a purchasing agent, ecommerce dropshippers, apparel manufacturer, and China wholesaler, Maxtop Sourcing bridges suppliers and customers to help thousands of small business owners, dropshippers,amazon store owners, wholesalers,retailers, contractors to select,order,inspect,quality control,store, pack, label, and deliver. Making orders fullfilling smoothly and service beyond the quality.

Purchasing Agent Ecommerce Dropshippers Apparel Manufacturer China Wholesaler

The Main Service We Offer for buying in China

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Market Investing and Product Sourcing

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent

Contract Signing and Order Placing

Goods Inspecting

Supplier Evaluation & Product Inspecting

Shipment Arranging

Dropshipping & Low-cost shipping Arrangement

Purchasing Agent Offer Several Following Sourcing Plans

Management Plan

Verifying Supplier Assistance
Contacting Your Suppliers
Signing Triparty Contracts
Following Up Production Update
One On-site Quality Checking
Shipment Arranging
Ecommerce Dropshippers

Basic Plan

Start from 3% If you have suppliers already

Basic Plan

Connecting with Suppliers
Payment Assistant
Receiving Goods
Checking Product Quantity
Product Return Assistance
Free Warehouse Storage
Shipment Arranging
Apparel Manufacturer

Pro Plan

Start from 5% if you don’t have suppliers yet

Pro Plan

Sourcing Suppliers
Supplier Verification
Sample orders Follow-up
Customizing Products
Production Follow-up
Free Products Photography
On-site Product Quality Inspection
Warehouse Storage
On-site Container Loading Follow-up
Arranging Shipping to Door

We bridge the business relationship between suppliers,China Wholesalers and customers

As a sourcing agent in China, we bridge the business relationship between China wholesales, suppliers and customers. We’re located in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, GD, China, next to International Lighting Capital Guzhen Town. As to this location priority, products now we are sourcing cover lighting, sportswear, sleeping gowns, hardware fitting, electrical appliance, toys , earphones,smart locks and so on.

We offer comprehensive services including product sourcing and quality control for our customers. Our professional team of purchasing agents have extensive knowledge of the industry and know exactly what it takes to find the best suppliers to meet your needs.

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