Home Gardening

Home Gardening is comprehensive indoor growing system to sharing home planting experience.Use our own developped plastic planters,substrate,indoor plant soil, seeds, led grow lights,grow tent to grow everything in anywhere, your garden, office, kitchen, balcony even your living room. We have grown more than 200 species successfully including all kinds of vegetables, fruits,flowers and herbs.

Home Gardening

Why Home Gardening?

Gardening at home is a fantastic activity that allows anyone to truly go green, if you are really tired of urban life. Those who try growing their own plants at home often find this hobby reduces their expenses and increases the enjoyment of gardening, instead of the time dedicated to dealing with their drought-ridden lawn or yellowing vegetables at the grocery store.

Secondly,you can grow whatever you like, vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs at your office, balcony, garden, kitchen even your living room.

Thirdly, you not only can enjoy the planting of growing greens, but also can taste the flavors of the vegetables or fruits you are growing. The most important thing is that they are all eco-friendly and no containing insecticide.

Fourthly, no need expenses on buying vegetables or fruits you love. You can eat healthily.

Fifthly, you can not control the temperature during outdoor growing.

Sixthly, if you can grow the plants like this at home, your family members will feel very happy.

Gardening at Home

How to start Indoor Growing?

Indoor growing is the practice of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or herbs when the temperature outside does not allow it. However, some individuals prefer growing plants indoors instead of outdoors. However, for a greenhand, it is not easy to practice this indoor vegetable garden or indoor greenhouse. It is also very hard to get fruits or realize your growing dreams. Maxtop Tech Co.,Limited develops a matural indoor growing system to solve this difficulty. That includes plant seeds, planters for indoor, indoor plant soil, indoor grow lights, grow tent and growing technology support.

First Step:Choose a suitable space to grow

Finding a suitable space to grow is very crucial to the success. If you have a garden, yard or balcony with abundant sunlights, this is the best place. Even if you don’t have that place, you still can grow in your kitchen, office even your living room. You can set up our indoor growing system any where.

Second Step: Decide what to grow

Choose right seeds suitable for your space and climate. For greenhands, you can try to grow vegetable, fruits, herbs or easy indoor plants for living room at home.

Third Step: Pick out pots and soil.

planters for indoor
indoor flower pots

You maybe can not believe it that we grow tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages, cucumbers, herbs, flowers indoor with this kind of planters. We design them by ourselves and come with different sizes, mainly 2L and 5L. These two sizes of pots have enough to grow most kinds of vegetables, flower, fruits or herbs.

Fourth Step: Start with easy-to-grow plants such as vegetables in individual containers.

For greenhands, we often suggest to start from easy indoor plants, vegetables like lettuce. Grow a cluster of lettuce in our planter, you will harvest a lot. When you get a lot of experience, you can learn to plant flowers, strawberries, herbs and others. However, cultivation is also a step-by-step learning course.

Fifth Step: Be aware of the amount of water your plants need.

Different plants have different required amount of water. So you need to learn better about your plants. Our indoor planters often come with indoor plant soil with good performance of keeping water. For plants that doesn’t like more water, such as tomatoes, scallion, you can water them just every 15days. But it depends moisture of the soil. The main principle is less water is better than more.

Sixth Step: Invest in the right lights.

Different plants have light requirements. Growing cucummber indoor or growing lettuce indoor, you only need a little light. While growing French beans, you need enough strong light. That’s why cucummber or lettuce can grow very well at your balcony even if there is no enough sunlight. However, home indoor gardening needs different power of led plant grow light to support.

Seventh Step: Set up a fertilizing schedule, if necessary.

Maxtop Tech Co.,limited develops our own fertilizing and they can be dissolved in water easily. Compatible to all the plants. Most plants can absorb them effectively and make up their vacancy. Fertilizer can only be started when the plant grows 3-4 true leaves. Generally speaking, fertilize once every 5-7 days.

What can we do for you?

Maxtop Tech Co.,Limited is not only China Sourcing Agent, but also home gardening expert. We have our own gardening lab and help with many growers to cultivate more than 200 species successfully. We can do these things for you:

Reasearch and Develp Seeds, Planter, Fertilizer and Plant subsrate.
Growing Technology Support.
Planting Stand Design and Development.
Custom Make different LED Plant Grow Lights for Different Plants.
Tailor Various Sizes of Grow Tents.
Dropshipping Indoor Growing Kit to Your Final Customers