Why Choose China Sourcing Agent?

Why choose China Sourcing agent? As one of wholesale drop shipping companies, we can help with sourcing goods and finding suppliers in China.

Why Choose wholesale drop shipping companies


Maxtop has a strong desire to serve our customers well under the leadership of kash and the guidance of the correct humanistic business philosophy.


With 15 year experience on lighting export business, we know how to communicate with suppliers, quality controls and make your orders go smoothly.

Relaible & Worry-free

We’re here to make sure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded, so you can put all your worries to rest and focus on what really matters to you.


We offer customized solutions based on different situation to help your importing business more easily.

Quality Guaranteed

Inspect products before shipment to guarantee what you pay for so that you can have strong confidence to sell more

7x24HRS Support

7X24HRS Support can make sure problems solved in time.

 Various Options

Connect you to more suppliers, products covers from lighting, sportswears, nightgowns, toys,hardware fitting, smart locks, electrical appliance and so on.


Speed up your order fulfillment process, make your decision more confident and you can focus the real important things.

Nationwide Service

No matter where you buy from China, we will follow up every steps of your order to make sure serve you well.

 Your Eyes in China

We are your eyes and ears in China to watch the market tendency to get you new products,samples and quotations without delay.

No Hidden Charge

Everything is upfront, no need to do maths in your head every time you work with us.

No Kickback

we won’t take a single dime; you can always be sure you’re getting the best possible and unbiased advice.

Who connects to us?

You will get a moderate match with the right suppliers under our helps

China Sourcing Agent---Kash
China Sourcing Agent—Kash

“Our main mission is to provide a one-stop service for our customers. Our Slogan is Making Our Products and Service Perfect by Heart!”——–Kash Lu