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Product sourcing plan covers 1688 Agent Sourcing, Guzhen Lighting Market Sourcing, Alibaba Agent Sourcing and Dropshipping Agent service. As sourcing agent in China, Maxtop Tech provides several creative product sourcing services plan to help your China importing business more easily. Improve supply chain, increase efficiency and save time.

Product Sourcing Services

What we offer?

Management Plan
Management Plan
Basic Plan
Basic Plan
Pro Plan
Pro Plan

Management Service Plan

If you have a supply chain that includes multiple factories and suppliers, you must have realied how to make the supply chain more cost-effective.One option is to use an on-site quality inspection before delivery. This way, you can avoid shipping costs and delays, and you’ll also be able to complete the order in time. This plan is the best choice to solve all of these problems.

On Spot  Factory Auditing—–However, we think government credit report is the reference for the factory operation situation. We can get it for you for free. But we don’t recommend it as the only condition to judge the professionalism of the suppliers. If want to know more about the factories, you can choose on-spot factory service. Our staff will visit the factory to take the pictures or videos and you also can have a face -to-face video phone with the boss. On-site factory auditing is a common practice in the manufacturing industry. It is done to ensure that the company is producing the product as it should be and that there are no defects.

Quicly connecting with your suppliers—–We need to get you or your company authority to contact your supplier. After receiving their information, we will reach them immediately to communicate with them about the lead time , estimated shipping time, packing list and so on as your agent or representative. However, we will not involve in the price negotiation with your suppliers unless authorized.

Following up Production anytime—–We will follow up the whole course of order production. But we need your factories to send us the real time pictures or videos of production. We will check it and send you asap.

On-site quality checking —–This service is often conducted before shipping. But if any necessories, you can send us to inspect the goods anytime. We often do it after the production is finished. We will inspect the goods as your requirement on the contract with your suppliers,take photos and make a report to you. If there is something with defects, we will submit to you quickly and wait for your decision.

Arranging the shipping —–If needed, we can help you with arranging the shipping from your supplying factories to your forwarder. If you don’t have forwarder, we can recommend them to you. But you need to pay for this freight cost. It will be calculated on the final official invoice.

 PS: if you need some prepared service like: labeling, assambling, repacking, and so on with an extra charge. We can arrange to our warehouse first.We can provide 7-day free storage for small order goods blow 1CBM. We will send you the complete quotation and wait for your decision.

Signing a tripartite—–If you’ve ever worked with a Chinese supplier, you know the importance of signing a tripartite contract. With this agreement, you create a legal relationship between yourself, your supplier and us.We can also help you conclude a tripartite contract, which will allow us to join any negotiations or discussions between you and your supplier.By signing the tripartite contract with us, we can help you fight the lawsuits that arise. But we just assist to do so, you need to take care of all legal costs incurred during legal proceedings.

There are two ponits need to know in the management plan:                                                                                                                      *We do not involve in solving product quality or design problems. Our mission is to provide you with as much honest feedback as possible when you are negotiating with suppliers.

*If you need us to participate in your quality, payment, after-sale communicate with suppliers, please let us know the order details and we will quote for a Pro follow-up price.


Basic Service Plan

Fit for : 

If you have suppliers already and have long term cooperation relationship with them. Moreover you also have very stable orders or purchasing from China factories continuously. We suggest you to hire a profesional China Sourcing team like Maxtop Tech

This basic plan also will be fit you perfectly. Not only save you money, make everything efficiently, but also you don’t need to come to China to do it by yourself.Hovering at the lighting market exactly make you exhausting. 

For this basic plan, we often charge the long-term companians with 3% -5% commission for bulk orders each time. Of course, it can be negotiable depending on the amount of the order and also the difficulties of the task fulfilment. If far business trip and long journey period, there will be some extra travel expense involved in.

What can we do for in this plan?

Pro Plan Service

Best for:

  • Small or Medium Clients
  • Multi-Vendor Bundle Product Business
  • Big brand enterprises outsourcing peripheral products
  • Dropshipping Agent

In this pro plan, you can get full complete series of one-stop solution service, from sourcing, factory auditing, quality control to shipping.

PRO Plan Service Rate
PRO Plan Service Rate

Extra Value Service

Except those above plan services, we also provide some value-added service to make your order fulfillment smoothly.

Suitable for:

  • Rich import experience
  • With stable supply chain
  • need assistance with some processes

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