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Home fitness promotes hot sales of sportswear, sports and leisure wear market ushers in new business opportunities

Background of Fitness Sportswear New Opportunities

The COVID-19 epidemic is still raging around the world. And home isolation, telecommuting, video conferencing and online social networking have gradually become the norm in people’s lives around the world. The epidemic has also prompted people to pay more attention to fitness to stay healthy. Under such circumstances, people’s demand for comfortable clothing and fitness “outfits” for working and living at home has increased. And sports and leisure clothing has become a new favorite of consumers for a while.

The epidemic has boosted consumer demand for sports leisure wear. And the sports leisure wear market has ushered in new business opportunities. This momentum is particularly evident in some countries.

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In 2021, the sales of sportswear in the United States will reach 70 billion US dollars. And consumers’ clothing expenditure will rebound rapidly and show a new growth trend. It is predicted that the annual growth rate will reach 9% in the next 5 years. Market research shows that after the outbreak of the epidemic, Korean consumers’ consumption of home clothes, sportswear and leggings has increased significantly compared with before the epidemic, and their favorability for sports. It also shows that leisure wear has also increased significantly, and the market size has further expanded.

A survey of consumers by a British market research organization found that sales of sportswear in the UK surged during the epidemic. Half of the respondents bought home fitness products including sportswear, and 76% of people plan to continue exercising at home after the epidemic is over. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the sales of the Russian sportswear market will resume its upward trend in 2021. And the market will continue to expand, which has become a bright spot in the development of the country’s retail industry.

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Why Sports Clothes Become So Hot After Epidemics?

According to the analysis of industry insiders, the epidemic and economic recovery have spawned a new business model of the sportswear industry. And there have been trends such as changes in consumer demand and preferences, and changes in consumer trends. It is expected that the impact of the epidemic on people’s lifestyles will last for some time. Industry insiders are optimistic about the growth forecast of global sportswear consumption, especially the general trend of online sales growth will continue. The sportswear industry should grasp the industry trends during the epidemic and in the post-epidemic era. So as to promote the new development of the industry.

Reason One:

The increasingly popular “stay at home” work and life mode will drive the growth of consumption demand for sports and leisure wear. The flexible working system has gradually blurred the boundaries between work and home life. Many professionals have become accustomed to wearing sports and leisure clothes to work remotely at home. It is expected that the dress code for the workplace will be further relaxed in the future.

Reason Two:

The boundary between sportswear and casual wear tends to be blurred and further combined. All-weather sports and leisure wear suitable for sports and fitness, travel, office, socializing and shopping will become a new trend of clothing. Sportswear of the future will further reflect leisure and comfort features.

Reason Three:

Sports brand clothing will be further popularized and civilianized. Brands should consider how to provide more natural, comfortable and stylish products for consumers of different age groups.

Reason Four:

The trend towards athleisure apparel for fashion industry-related products is intensifying. Relevant market surveys show that female consumers tend to use high-quality fabric sports and leisure clothes as daily clothing, and yoga clothes, bodysuits. And home physical exercise training sets will continue to be sought after by the market.

Reason Five:

The athleisure wear industry is characterized by sustainable, inclusive and diverse growth. New materials and new technologies will continue to bring more durable and higher-quality innovative products to consumers.

Global Growth

It is predicted that the compound annual growth rate of global sportswear sales will continue to rise. While the market size will continue to expand, but how to maintain this momentum in the post-epidemic era will be a major challenge for the sportswear industry in the future.

At present, there are still great uncertainties in the recovery of the global economy. The employment status and prospects of some major economies are not optimistic, and the consumption behavior of consumers tends to be conservative and cautious. The epidemic has led to the closure of a large number of stores in the apparel industry, impacted sales networks and channels, and suffered huge losses in physical retail. The outbreak has also forced many apparel companies to shelve expansion plans or be forced to close. There are also some clothing companies facing rising costs and declining revenue pressure brought about by increased inventory.

In this regard, various departments including design, production and sales should actively launch countermeasures, strengthen digital sales, and strive to cut expenses and reduce inventory. Industry insiders pointed out that the sports and leisure wear industry is the winner in 2021, and its market has shown a strong growth trend, which will attract more companies to enter related fields.

Maxtop Sourcing Mission

As the global epidemic open measurement and the continuously increasing requirement of sports clothes, Maxtop Sourcing put this job as our main mission. That is, we are committed to finding the best workout clothes manufacturers for our customers and providing one stop service to make their importing business much easier. So fitness sportswear new opportunities are comming.


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