How to choose yoga clothing fabric?

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Yoga clothing fabric is one of the most important aspects of yoga clothing and is the material that allows to cover your body during yoga. The material should allow you to move freely, and it should be durable as well as lightweight and shouldn’t fade over time.

Yoga clothing fabric
Yoga clothing fabric

Why choose yoga sports?

People’s pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the busy work makes people exhausted, which not only causes mental pressure, but also increases the burden on the body. Yoga can improve people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities, and it meets people’s pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. It has become one of the most popular fitness programs in recent years. The rise of yoga movement has led to the rapid development of the yoga clothing industry. So what are the commonly used fabrics for yoga clothes? How to choose yoga clothes fabric?

Yoga Sports Clothes Set
Yoga Sports Clothes Set

yoga sports Clothes Fabrics

When it comes to the materials of yoga clothes, there are really countless. There are many types of materials for yoga clothes, and the most common ones are viscose, nylon, polyester, linen and milk protein composite fibers.

yoga wear fabrics
yoga wear fabrics

1.90% nylon + 10% spandex

The high elastic fabric blended with Tactel fiber and Lycra fiber will not cause color fading, decolorization, deformation and other phenomena. At the same time, it has a good moisture absorption and perspiration effect, and it will last for a long time after repeated washing.

High Stretchy Fabrics for yoga clothes
High Stretchy Fabrics for yoga clothes

2.Linen + X% cotton

The blended fabric of linen and cotton can give us a new wearing experience. It not only has the breathability of linen, but also the sweat absorption of cotton.

Linen cotton fabrics
Linen cotton fabrics

3.Viscose +5%spandex

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Viscose fiber is also called rayon, ice silk, and viscose filament. In recent years, a new high-grade variety called tencel and bamboo fiber has appeared in viscose fiber. Viscose fiber is a cellulose fiber produced from cotton or other natural fibers.

Among the main textile fibers, the moisture content of viscose fiber is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin, and it has the characteristics of smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic, and brilliant dyeing.

4.Silk cotton

Silk cotton yoga clothes have good air permeability, which is very suitable for us to wear in summer. In addition, silk cotton yoga clothes have good moisture absorption and warmth retention.

Because the main component of silk is animal protein fiber, which contains dozens of amino acids, the contact of mulberry silk cotton with the human body makes the human skin smooth and clean, promotes the metabolism of human epidermal cells, and has a health care effect on the skin.

Why Use Linen?

After testing: the moisture absorption rate of linen fabric is 7.6 times that of polyester fabric, and the air permeability is 4.5 times that of polyester fabric.

The antistatic property is 400 times that of polyester fabric, and it has good antibacterial properties, making it the most hygienic fiber.

But because flax is not easy to color, the color of flax is not particularly good, which is one of the reasons why flax is not popular! Of course, there are also yoga practitioners who love this old flax.

Linen cloth has the advantages of fine and clean surface, soft and elastic feel, cool and comfortable to wear, and not close to the skin when sweating.

Therefore, the first choice for the fabric of yoga clothes is not to choose cotton and linen materials, but to choose non-toxic and harmless, safe yoga clothes produced by regular manufacturers, otherwise basic safety cannot be guaranteed, let alone the comfort of yoga clothes. After you have ensured that your yoga clothes are safe, let me help you analyze what kind of yoga clothes materials are most suitable for you.

Try not to choose chemical fiber materials:

Chemical fiber materials are affordable because they are easy to obtain and are very wear-resistant. Many people choose some chemical fiber clothes for cheap, including yoga clothes.


Widely available and cheap.

High strength and wear resistance.

Stable in nature, not easy to react with acidic or alkaline substances.

Not easy to fade, keep normal bright and beautiful color for a long time.


The material is not good, and many people are prone to allergies.

Chemically pigmented, the colors are too vibrant.

Poor air permeability, prone to stuffy feeling.

It is easy to generate static electricity, especially in the dry weather of autumn and winter, which is likely to bring physical discomfort to people.

The heat and light resistance is not good, and it can only withstand ironing below 140°C.

Poor shape retention, variability.

Chemical Fiber Application

Therefore, chemical fibers can be made into large-area industrial coverings for protection at home. They are generally used as the first layer of simple blackout curtains, etc. Few people use your chemical fibers to make clothes, because the wearing experience is also healthy. Both are extremely low.

But there are some exceptions. With the development of science, there are some chemical fibers of regenerated fibers. Using scientific methods, some raw materials such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. are reprocessed and biologically dyed. The yoga clothes are still very comfortable. At this time, chemical fiber is only the processing technology of the material, not the material. Therefore, you can see that the material is still cotton and linen on the washing mark of the yoga clothes. This rule also applies to other clothes.

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