Growing Apple from Seeding in Container

How to grow apple from seeding in pots

Growing apple from seeding in container is not as easy as we thought. Let’s share how we grow apples in pots and indoor growing experience by series of diaries.

What we need to Grow Apple?

Apple Seeds
Some Ceramsites about 2L
A 5L Plastic Container or Planter
4L Substrates or Indoor Plant Soil
Watering Can
Plant Labels

How to Grow Apple from Seeding?

First Step:Get Seeds from Apple Core

After finishing eating apples, you can keep the apple core. Cut the apple core into halves and very easy to get the fresh and nice seeds. The quality of the seed can decide the sprouting and growing speed.

Second Step: Open the 10L plastic planter and get a mesh net

Opening indoor growing kits, you often can get a planting manual, a small bag of fertilizer, a 10L of substrate, and a mesh net. Take them all out and get the mesh net. You will find there is hole in the bottom.

Third Step: Install the mesh net

Put the mesh net in the bottom to cover the hole so that the substrate will not leak out of it.

Fourth Step: Put the ceramsite in the container

Put some ceramsite or some small stones in the container. We often only fill one third of container. That’s enough for a 10L pot to fill in about 2-3L ceramsite. So that water can go away smoothly.

Fifth Step:Pour down the substate into the container

Pour down the substate into the container. For a 10L pot, we often provide about 4-5L substrate. After that, please press a little tight and make them to a even level.

Sixth Step: Dig a hole

Dig a hole and it is often 3-4cm deep.

Seventh Step: Begin to grow apple from seeding

Put the apple seeds into the hole and cover with the substrate

Eighth Step:Watering

Use the watering can to give water. Please offer more water for the first time. So that the seeds can grow out robust sprouting. Adequate moisture is also conducive to rooting.

Nineth Step: Make the label

Don’t forget to make a label. Note down: plant name, planting date and so on.

Growing Apple from Seeding in Container

3 Tips for Growing Apple from Seeding

There are 3 tips we still need to mention:

Frist one, control watering.Because our substrate has good performance of keeping watering. So please water the plant in every 5-7days. It depents on the moisture of substrate.

Second one, Give enough sunlight. If there is no enough sunlight in your space, you can use led grow light strip to take a replacement.

Third one, control fertilizer. Offer fertilizer once a week after the plant grows 3-4 real leaves.Less is better than more.


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