TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe

TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe

—–Abrasive material delivery pipe and vent pipe.

TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe: A Vibrant Innovation! 

In the world of industrial equipment, innovation never ceases to amaze us. One such innovation that has caught our attention is the TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe. This vibrant addition to the market is revolutionizing the way abrasive materials are delivered and vented. With its exceptional properties, this hosepipe is set to power up your abrasive material delivery and say goodbye to static cling!

TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe

Power Up your Abrasive Material Delivery with TPU Plastic Rib!

When it comes to delivering abrasive materials, reliability and efficiency are paramount. The TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe takes these qualities to the next level. Its unique design, made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), ensures exceptional durability and flexibility, allowing for seamless movement and delivery of abrasive materials. Whether you need to transport sand, gravel, or other gritty substances, this hosepipe is up to the task, making it the perfect companion for various industrial applications.

The TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe is not only robust but also static-free. Traditional hosepipes often suffer from static cling, leading to complications during delivery. However, this innovative hosepipe is designed to eliminate static buildup, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of materials. Say goodbye to frustrating blockages and enjoy a hassle-free delivery every time. With the TPU Plastic Rib Static-free Hosepipe, you can power up your abrasive material delivery and take your productivity to new heights!


Color: transparent pipe shell, reinforced by white spiral plastic rib with built-in copper wire.
Temperature range: -35℃ to 90℃
Structural features: The pipe is made of TPU and high strength plastic rib, it can keep original shape in vacuum and good compliance even under very low temperatures.The pipe is of high strength and super long service life and can discharge static by ground connection through its high grade copper attached upon pipe shell.
Application scope: appropriate for pumping of powder, granules in vacuum,delivery of water, oil, chemicals and food in mining,agriculture, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering,food processing, chemical engineering and health industry,and can be widely used in agricultural irrigation, mining,oil depot, sand pumping, sand blast, food processing, health and medicine, as well as absorbing and discharging of indoor gas, powder and dust. It is the best alternatives of pipes of PVC, rubber and metal.
Shell thickness, ranges from: 0.6mm to 2mm.

TPU Plastic Hosepipe

Vent Pipe Reinvented: Say Goodbye to Static Cling!

Vent pipes play a crucial role in ensuring proper ventilation and maintaining a safe working environment. However, the issue of static cling often plagues traditional vent pipes, limiting their efficiency and creating potential hazards. The TPU Static-free Hosepipe has reinvented the vent pipe game, offering a solution that eliminates static cling and maximizes performance.

Crafted with the same high-quality TPU material as its delivery counterpart, the TPU  Hosepipe guarantees a static-free venting experience. This means that airflow remains uninterrupted, preventing any accumulation of dust or other harmful particles. With this innovative vent pipe, you can say goodbye to static cling and enjoy a clean and safe working environment. Embrace the future of venting technology with the TPU Plastic Hosepipe and unlock a world of possibilities!

Unleash the Joy of a Static-Free Environment with TPU Plastic Rib!

The TPU Plastic Rib Hosepipe is a game-changer in the world of industrial equipment. With its exceptional properties and innovative design, it has set a new standard for abrasive material delivery and venting. Say goodbye to frustrating static cling and experience the joy of a static-free environment. Whether you need to power up your abrasive material delivery or reinvent your venting system, the TPU Plastic Hosepipe is your answer. Embrace this vibrant innovation and take your industrial operations to new heights!

TPU Plastic Rib Hosepipe


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