How to Source Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

As a lighting sourcing agent company, modern crystal chandelier lighting sourcing is just one of our business. You may ask why you have this confidence and how you process. We can tell you we are located in China’s international lighting capital Guzhen Town since 2009. We have built a full set and mature supply chains.

Knowing about What Customer needs before Lighting Sourcing

I often teach my guys that you need to know your customers first before the process. Do not hasten to find the suppliers before everything is confirmed. Or it just wastes time. First of all, you need to know where the customer comes from and what the price level is on their market. Second, what quality level of the customer wants. Third, is he or she a wholesaler or retailer? Fourth, all the information you can get from customers, for example, company name, website, CEO or owner, who the opponent sells are, and everything. Fifth, build a profile for this customer and keep a record in your computer for the future contact. Sixth, list all the requirement you got from him or her. Seventh, do a overall matches in our supply chain.

Background of the customer

This customer find us on google and know that we are a lighting sourcing agent company located in China’s lighting capital-Guzhen town. At first, he expressed his strong desires to cooperate with us and help him to get some latest quotations for some crystal chandelier lightings. As we know, he is a wholesaler company, specializing in dealing with home modern crystal chandeliers. And he connected us by whatsapp. After communication, we also know he often buy crystal lighting by a 40′ container. But for quality requirement he still blurred the words. But the customer sent us several photos for reference. They are all modern crystal chandelier lighting just different design.

Crystal Chandelier Light
Crystal Chandelier Light
Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting
Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Analysis Crystal Chandelier Lights

1.Crystal Lighting Market Investigation

Totally customer sent us about 30 items and totally 36 pictures. When we received these photos, our market department begun to make a investigation on the market and reported to me within one day. Different signs and mainly aims at Russian or middle east market. Some of them are regular designs, while others are special designs. Even some of them use very special patented crystals.

2.Lighting Material Analysis

For crystal lighting, as we know, it can be made from different materials, for example, stainless steel, iron, brass or aluminum. You also can use different crystals for them, K9 crystals, K5 crystals or Swarovski crystals. Except that there is another kind of common crystals with very low cost. The lighting fixture also could be different finishes like electroplated finish, or painting finish. All these different material can decide on how much crystal chandelier lamps cost. Some customers are not familiar with Guzhen Lighting Market. They always think they are same and just judge the crystal lamps from the price. Then you have been involved into a deep price swirl. We can say here are more than 2000 factories and you can get 2000 different price with various quality.

Demanding the Customer to Give Specification and Order QTY

Based on the above market investigation and analysis, we confess the situation to the customer. Meanwhile, we hope that he could tell us some information about his crystal lamps including specification, order qty and requirement. After one day’s silence on whatsapp, the second day we got a excel file from this customer. And the rough information we need is on that. All my guys feel very happy to make this progress. It also indicates that we are highly trusted.

Matching the Relevant Lighting Factories in Our Supply Chain

Because we have more than 14years’ experience as a lighting sourcing agent located in China’s International Lighting Capital Guzhen Town. And we have many supplying factories on this lighting business. Our market department go to visit each lighting exhibitions and get contacts with catalogues from new factories every year. This is a huge information bank hub, including all kinds of lighting products and also S.K.D of light accessories. However, not every factories are professional on this style of crystal chandelier lights. So we need to search some factories who have experience on middle east market. In the end, we picked up 10 factories from our supply chain. What counts is that all these suppliers can cooperate with us closely and timely. They can support tailoring lighting customization. I think what the clients are concerned about.

Sending inquiries to Trustworthy lighting manufacturers

After selection in our supplying chains, we translate the file from English into Chinese and send our trustworthy lighting suppliers. For some factories, they even have translators and their bosses also can not understand English. As we required, all the quotation should be sent back within two days (not working days). We often do our price list efficiently and quotation should be replied within 3days (not working days). If possible, we will try our best to complete them within 1days. But can not exceed three days. This is our philosophy. No matter how difficult, for the new products, if we don’t supply chains in our information bank, market department should go out to search and source on the market. At the same time, give me the report within two days. Finally we got six quotation sheets from our suppliers.

Completing Lighting Sourcing Agent Mission Successfully

We studied all the six quotation sheets from our lighting suppliers. But still had some tiny questions for example, the material of the fixture, package problem crystal types and so on. We make a selection again according to to customer’s requirement after we made up all the questions. Finally we just chose 3 sheets of quotation list to submit to this client on time. He could check them and found different material and crystal drops would bring various cost. However, our team finish this mission perfectly and the client praised our job highly. He gave us a thumbs-up gesture.


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