Thoughts on the Development Trend and Application of Functional Sportswear

Application of Functional Sportswear

The breakthrough of functional fabrics has promoted the development of functional sportswear. Application of Functional Sportswear. The article analyzes the characteristics of functional fabrics and the key points of functional sportswear. Discusses the development trend of foreign sportswear fabrics. And points out the promotion effect of the application of functional fabrics on the functional sportswear market.

1. Functional fabrics and functional sportswear

Functional fabric characteristics

Functional fabrics refer to fabrics with certain special properties and uses. Which are mainly obtained through high-tech production of raw materials and high-tech printing and dyeing finishing.Among which raw materials are particularly critical. The main features of functional fabrics are: easy care, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial and deodorant. Anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-oil and dust, flame retardant, health care and other functions. It is not only practical, but also closely related to health, so it is widely used Widely welcome.  

Moisture wicking is the key to functional sportswear.

Through fabric structure design or fiber modification, etc.. The properties of fabrics such as moisture absorption, movement, and moisture release can be changed. So that the fabric has water absorption and easy-drying properties. The fiber with moisture absorption and perspiration function uses. The capillary phenomenon generated by the fine grooves on the surface of the fiber to make sweat. Quickly migrate to the surface of the fabric through wicking, diffusion, and transmission. And quickly evaporates, thereby keeping the human skin dry. This functional fabric has been widely used in sportswear, competition clothing and other sporting goods. Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other brand sportswear with functional features are more and more popular among the public.

Dryness and comfort are the goals of functional sportswear

An important indicator for evaluating today’s sportswear is humidity control. That is the ability of clothing to transmit moisture from the skin to the surface of the clothing. Which is also the goal pursued by functional sportswear. The fabric with strong humidity control performance can adjust. The size of its ventilation hole according to the change of environment to achieve. The purpose of regulating moisture. Or it has a special four-pipe design so that it can quickly discharge sweat from the skin to the outside. To ensure the dryness and comfort of the human body. Moisture control fabrics are expected to gain traction over. The next few years as sportswear manufacturers focus on making their products perform this function. Brand sportswear such as Mizuno.Li Ning and Conway have already made people enjoy this dryness and comfort.

Application of Functional Sportswear
Application of Functional Sportswear

2. New trends in the development of foreign sportswear fabrics. Japanese sportswear fabric

In recent years, the business war for Japanese sportswear fabrics has been extremely fierce. And major fiber fabric developers are competing to launch new fabrics. From the perspective of the overall trend. The key points of development are: high moisture absorption, heat preservation, hollow. And lightweight, high-density windproof, new antibacterial, high elasticity, and ultra-high strength. The development trend of functional sportswear. And its application should be differentiated from high value-added products such as waste recycling (environmental protection). For example, Asahi Kasei of Japan uses acrylic fiber and Pengbo (copper ammonia silk). As raw materials to make a moisture-absorbing and heating fabric “Longmojia”. Which is introduced into sportswear. In addition, a new type of antibacterial all-dull fabric sportswear “Tanku Norphin”.

Dupont functional fabrics

COOLMAXR functional fabric is a polyester fiber fabric designed and produced by DuPont. It is a unique four-channel fiber that quickly drains sweat from the human body. To the surface of the clothing for evaporation, keeping the skin dry. Lycra R fiber is also an artificial elastic fiber exclusively invented and produced by DuPont. Its extraordinary elasticity makes sportswear more in line with the principle of aerodynamics. Which can minimize energy consumption during exercise, reduce muscle vibration. And improve exercise efficiency. DuPont has also developed two new fiber products: T-400 and T-800. These two Lycra fiber products provide good raw materials for designers of outdoor and sportswear.And the clothes made of them are more suitable for the needs of outdoor sports.

Application of Functional Sportswear
Application of Functional Sportswear

3. New technology fabrics promote the prosperity of the functional sportswear market

Recently, the International Wool Bureau launched a wool-man-made fiber blended fabric – Sportwool.Which is characterized by using the charged side chains in the fiber molecules to absorb. The moisture emitted by the human body, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by condensation into sweat beads. Sportwool sportswear is currently worn by Australia’s national cricket and cycling teams. In addition, the British Manchester United team also signed a patent licensing agreement with sportswear manufacturer. Umbro International to take the lead in producing Sportwool football clothing.

DuPont also uses high tenacity technology to develop a new sportswear fabric – TactelHT. This fabric is very lightweight and extremely durable. Outdoor brands such as Schoffel and Berghaus offer products made from this material.

Adidas, a world-renowned sportswear manufacturer, specializes in producing non-slip and smooth sportswear for weightlifters.

 When the athlete grabs the barbell to exercise. The thighs of the sportswear will not receive any resistance due to its smoothness. And the chest can provide greater support for the athlete due to the anti-slip effect. The knee-length sports socks produced by this company for runners can effectively promote the microcirculation of muscles. Accelerate blood circulation, keep muscles warm and improve exercise efficiency.

 In the last Olympic Games, the clothing of many participating players has a very high “technical content”. Among them is a high-tech garment: a one-sleeved tracksuit. This garment is specially designed for throwing athletes. Its tight-fitting sleeves wrap the arms of the thrower. Through pressure, the muscle’s feeling ability is enhanced. So that it can better find the favorable time to throw. This special role of functional sportswear has promoted the prosperity of the functional sportswear market. And at the same time further promoted the development and use of high-tech fabrics.

In short, functional sportswear has a good development prospect. And functional sportswear in the 21st century will combine leisure and fashion to create its own style.

Application of Functional Sportswear
Application of Functional Sportswear

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