Will you find a trade agency?

find a trade agency

Finding a good trade agency isn’t easy. That’s why we want to help you find the right trade agency. Will you find a trade agency?

Why a trade agency?

It refers to the foreign trade activities in which the foreign trade dealers handle import. And export procedures in the name of the principal or themselves according to the entrustment of the relevant enterprises. Institutions and individuals within the scope of authorization of the principal. And the profits and losses are borne by the principal.

Trade agent, trade term, refers to the agent within the scope of the principal’s authorization. Directly engaged in the principal’s trade acts with effect. The agent shall have the right to conduct business activities on behalf of the principal. Such as signing sales contracts, purchasing and selling commodities. And shall charge commissions to the principal as remuneration.

Trade agent shall have the following rights and obligations:

  1. The agent shall be responsible for the performance of duties assigned by the principal;
  2. The agent shall not use his own name or other people’s names in doing business;
  3. The agent shall conduct business activities according to law and regulations. And bear responsibility for any damage caused by himself or others during trade activities;
  4. The agency contract is invalid without the signatures of both parties;
  5. When agency contracts are concluded with a foreign enterprise. They should be signed by authorized representatives of both parties.
find a trade agency

A trade agency can help you with your business.

It can help you to expand your market, increase sales and save time. Trade agencies are often the best way for smaller traders or manufacturers to get started with overseas sales.

In addition to the diplomatic immunity. You can use the services of a trade agency as your representative in China. It will help you solve many problems you may face during business activities. Such as visa and residence permit issues, customs clearance. Payment of taxes and duties on imported goods.

It can also help you with the communication with Chinese partners. Local authorities and business people. The trade agency will find a suitable company to work with. It will help you to negotiate a contract. Pay for your travel expenses and provide an interpreter if needed.

What are the benefits of a trade agency?

If you use a trade agency, it will help you avoid many problems. It is much easier to do business in China. if you have a local partner who knows the laws and customs of the country. Your representative will find a suitable company for cooperation. Negotiate contracts and pay for your travel expenses.

Trade agency benefits:

a) A trade agency will find a suitable company for cooperation. It will help you to negotiate contracts.

b) It’ll save you a lot of time. At the same time, we will help you find high quality and low cost suppliers.

c) It will help with the translation of documents and communication between partners abroad and at home.

d)They can help you track production. Inspection to shipment, which can help the quality assurance problem more effectively.

e)Help to purchase raw materials, help to find factories to produce and so on.

The advantage lies in:

  1. Cost reduction helps customers reduce operating costs. Equivalent to outsourcing import and export of this part of the work content. Compared with the enterprise to raise a group of people to save a lot of money and trouble.
  2. At present, most export agents can pay tax. Therefore, compared with the company’s own tax refund. The timeliness is also greatly improved.
  3. We can serve all the processes from going out to receiving goods. Which also intersperses goods packaging, export insurance, warehousing and distribution services. This is also the development direction of freight forwarders. And trade agents in and out of the tunnel, providing a full range of services.
find a trade agency
find a trade agency

Whether you have a large or small business, using a trade agency.

Can greatly reduce the cost of goods and services, improve efficiency and profit. The company can help you buy goods directly from manufacturers or distributors in China. So that you can get the best price. We offer high quality products at low prices. Help customers maximize profit margins in their dealings with Chinese suppliers.

We will help you find the right products, negotiate with suppliers and arrange shipping. We are also responsible for product quality inspection and after-sales service. Our services include:

-Product sourcing, procurement and supply chain management.

-Consulting on manufacturing, quality control and logistics.

-Providing business intelligence, market research, marketing and promotion services.

find a trade agency
  1. Where can you find a suitable trade agent?
  2. Do you think it’s retailers or wholesalers who use trade agents?
  3. Is the trade agency reliable?

Friends can discuss the above three questions in the comment area. Say your heart, you can boldly share their own opinions.

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