Alibaba Inspection Service

If you are looking for an Alibaba inspection service, then you have come to the right place. This service was originally designed for Chinese manufacturers.

If you want to use Alibaba’s testing service, then you need to make sure to carefully read the following points.

What is Alibaba Inspection Service?

Alibaba’s inspection service is a way to ensure that your products meet the specified quality standards. It helps you reduce the risk of sending defective goods and losing money. This is because Alibaba will make sure that each product goes through an inspection process before being shipped to customers.

The inspection service is available for both small and large-scale manufacturers. It is available for any type of product, including clothes, electronics and food. The quality standards that must be met are different depending on each industry. For example, the standard quality requirement for garments is a minimum of 3 stitches per inch on seams and 4 buttons on each shirt. This helps you reduce the risk of sending defective goods and losing money.


How to use Alibaba Inspection Service?

1. Place an order for the Inspection Service

Here, inspection services can only be added to trade guarantee orders. There are several ways to add checks to an order:

A. Add Inspection Services as a line item in the Trade Assurance Order page:

B. You can also add inspection services when drafting trade guarantee orders on the order management page.

C:Before shipping, add services on the order details page and pay a separate inspection fee. You need to obtain the supplier’s consent and book the service at least seven working days before shipment.

After placing the order, you can view the contact information of the inspector and view the inspection status on the order details page.

2. Make your payment

It has the following payment modes:


3. Check the status

4. Check the report

5. Leave feedback

How does it work?

-Check if the product meets the standards

Product consistency refers to a series of strategies. You must check the complete product compliance. It will save you from losses. Inspection services provide confidence for customers and other stakeholders.

-Reduce the risk of quality issues

Inspection services can reduce the risk of quality issues. Their inspectors ensure that the inventory quality meets the buyer’s conditions according to the inspection service requirements.

-Enjoy Alibaba’s discounted prices

Alibaba Testing Service Company has efficient professional testing personnel. This will provide you with the best service at a reasonable cost.

Alibaba’s inspection service fee is as low as $118.

discounted prices

Why do I need the Alibaba inspection service?

The Alibaba inspection service is not only a way to reduce the risk of quality issues, but also a guarantee that your products meet the customer’s requirements. The inspection service will increase your confidence as a seller and improve your reputation as an Alibaba member. Furthermore, you can enjoy the benefits of Alibaba’s discounted prices.

The Alibaba inspection service is also an effective way to avoid being accused of product quality problems, which can lead to your account being closed. The inspection service is especially important for new sellers who want to build a long-term and successful business on Alibaba.

Alibaba inspection service

What does the Alibaba inspection service include?

Alibaba inspection service includes the following:

-Physical and functional testing

The buyer will open your packaging, remove all parts of your product, and then test each one in sequence. This includes checking if all components are present and in good condition.

-Packaging inspection

The buyer will check whether your product has the correct packaging according to their requirements and specifications. This includes checking whether all components are intact, as well as checking the quality of the packaging materials themselves.

-Factory audit

The buyer will dispatch a team of inspectors to your factory to ensure that the product inspection meets the standards. This includes checking the quality of the work environment and equipment, as well as ensuring that all employees receive appropriate training and work efficiently.

Factory audit

-Third party inspection or any other additional services based on your needs

Takeaway: Inspection Service helps you reduce risk, improve efficiency and ensure quality.


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