Why is product inspection important

quality inspection

We often ask “Why is product inspection important?” pretty often. Product inspection is a part of quality and reliability in the manufacture of products. It is an activity that seeks to ensure that the final product or components conform to the defined requirements and standards for the application for which it will be used.

Why do I need to conduct product inspection?

Product inspection (also known as inspection) is an important part of quality control. You can use this to inspect the quality of the product on-site at different stages of the production process and before shipment. Inspecting products before leaving the manufacturer’s factory can effectively prevent quality issues and prevent downstream supply chain fractures.

Its types include: IPC – initial production inspection DUPRO – production process inspection PSI – pre shipment inspection CLC – container packing inspection PM – production monitoring PEO (PrevioenOrigin) – pre customs inspection, etc.

Performing product inspections is of great significance for supply chain safety and security.Inspection activities help prevent the occurrence of quality issues and avoid supply chain disruptions.

Classification of product quality inspection

Quality inspection is the observation, measurement, and testing of one or more quality characteristics of a product. An activity that compares the results with the specified quality requirements to determine whether each quality characteristic is qualified or not.

1.Classified by the quantity of inspections: Quality Inspection; Random Testing.

2.Classified by quality characteristics: Counting Inspection; Metrological Inspection.

3.According to inspection techniques and methods, it can be divided into: Physical and chemical inspection; Sensory testing; Biological testing.

4.According to the integrity of the inspected objects after inspection, they are divided into: destructive inspection; Non destructive testing.

5.Classified by inspection location: fixed inspection; Flow inspection.

6.According to the purpose of inspection, it is divided into: production inspection, acceptance inspection, supervision inspection, verification inspection, and arbitration inspection.

quality inspection

The purpose of product quality inspection

1. Determine whether the product quality is qualified.

2. Determine the level of product quality or the severity of product defects, providing a basis for quality improvement.

3. Collect quality data, make statistics and analysis on the data to provide basis for quality improvement.

4.When there is a dispute between the supply and demand parties due to product quality issues, quality responsibility shall be determined.

The role of product quality inspection

The role of quality inspection is to control, prevent, and report. That is, through the inspection of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, as well as the inspection of production processes. The finished product inspection before leaving the factory compares the inspected object and technology, and makes a judgment of whether it is qualified or not.

What should be paid attention to during product inspection?

There are many factors that should be paid attention to during product inspection. The following are some of them:

– The appearance of the product should be examined and its surface should be smooth, without stains or defects.

– The size and weight of the product should conform to standards.

-The performance characteristics and operating parameters required by customers should be tested on site according to specifications or requirements.

product inspection
product inspection

Steps for product quality inspection

1. Preparation for inspection. Familiar with regulatory requirements, select inspection methods, and develop inspection specifications.

2. Obtain samples for testing. There are two main ways to obtain samples: one is by sending samples, and the other is by sampling.

3. Measurement or testing. According to the established inspection methods and plans. Conduct quantitative or qualitative observations, measurements, and experiments on product quality characteristics to obtain the required quantity values and results.

4. Record. Record the measurement conditions, measured values, and observed technical status in standardized tables as objective quality evidence.

5. Compare and judge. Dedicated personnel will compare the inspection results with the specified requirements. Determine whether each quality characteristic meets the specified requirements to determine whether the inspected product is qualified.

6. Confirmation and disposal. The inspection personnel shall sign and confirm the inspection records and judgment results.

Why is product inspection important for enterprises?

Inspection is a process that helps enterprises to ensure product quality. It is the basis for determining whether products meet the specified requirements and can be shipped out or used. Inspection can also help enterprises to provide customers with high-quality products, reduce product failure rates. Avoid legal liabilities and protect their reputation.


Takeaway:So product inspection is so important, both in the past and in the future. We must strictly require a product quality inspection system.


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