How to choose a chandelier?

How to choose a chandelier

A beam of light can not only make a movie more brilliant, but also change the indoor atmosphere. The indoor layout of light can be said to be the key point of indoor decoration, and chandeliers occupy an absolute primary position. Every living situation needs to be matched with a corresponding light and shadow atmosphere to be perfect. What factors need to be considered when choosing chandeliers?

Select based on room area

When the room height is less than 3 meters. Long hanging rod chandeliers and high hanging crystal lights should not be used, as they can make the room feel very oppressive. Moreover, if long dry chandeliers are used even when the room height is less than 3 meters, there may be a certain risk factor. The lighting area should not exceed 2% -3% of the room area. If the light is insufficient, the number of chandeliers can be increased, otherwise it will affect the decorative effect. The load-bearing capacity of the top should also be considered, especially for the suspended ceiling, which must have sufficient load to install suitable lighting fixtures. For rooms with high ceilings, larger models of chandeliers can be chosen to fully utilize the space.

Select based on style

The style of the chandelier should be coordinated with the overall decoration of the room. You can choose chandeliers that match existing furniture and decorations, such as modern, traditional, retro, or artistic decorative styles. Ensure that the color, shape, and material of the chandelier match the overall style of the room.

Living room chandelier

The interior must give people a bright feeling, so the lighting in the living room should be sufficient. The selection of living room chandeliers is very important, and it is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lights. Because circular lights have the meaning of doing things perfectly. Some living rooms lack sunlight, and the interior is dark and unclear, making it easy to feel oppressed for a long time. In this case, it is best to hide the fluorescent lamp in the wooden groove around the ceiling to supplement the light. This light refracts from the ceiling, soft but not dazzling.

How to choose a chandelier

Restaurant chandelier

It is recommended to match the shape of the dining table with the hanging lights in the restaurant. If it is a round table, choose a circular chandelier. The square table uses square chandeliers, so the aesthetic combination is more suitable. Generally speaking. The current popular order of two or three lights is not suitable for a round table: a rectangular table can be paired with two or three light zones according to its length; Oval shaped tables can be decorated with horizontal straight lines (proportionally long). But the lighting fixtures are circular, and other changes need to be matched. Of course, everything depends on the combination of other spatial conditions.

How to choose a chandelier

Bedroom chandelier

The chandelier in the bedroom should be unique. You cannot choose red as the light. The red decoration is adorned with flashing lights, which will cause people to be uneasy. There are many types of bedroom chandeliers, and the classical style has the function of a town residence. Crystal lights have a great impact on the prosperity of financial wealth. Remember not to choose corner chandeliers. In addition, the chandelier cannot be directly hung on the bed, which will cause Psychological stress and affect the quality of sleep.

How to choose a chandelier

Cold and warm lights

Color temperature, perceptible light temperature. The warm and cold tones of light are represented by color temperature, which is the temperature sensation of the light source. Lighting not only brightens the space, but also creates an emotional atmosphere through color temperature.

Warm color light: The color temperature is below 3300K, and the warm color light is similar to incandescent lamps, giving a warm and comfortable feeling.

Cold white light: The color temperature is between 3300K and 5300K, and the light is relatively soft, giving people a pleasant and peaceful feeling.

Cold color light: The color temperature is above 5300K, close to natural light, with a bright feeling, which can make people concentrate.

Cold and warm lights

Materials and Quality

Common pendant lamp materials include metal, glass, crystal, plastic, etc. Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean, and ensure the reliable quality of the chandelier to ensure long-term use. Of course, it also depends on whether it comes with 3c certification. With it, it means that this pendant lamp has passed the inspection and is qualified. Secondly, try to choose large brands as much as possible. After all, one’s own strength is good, and the quality can still be trusted.

Materials and Quality

Takeaway:The most important thing is to choose chandeliers that meet your personal preferences and room needs. By comprehensively considering the above factors. You can find suitable chandeliers to enhance the lighting and decoration effects of the room. Remember to conduct detailed market research and choose reliable sales channels to purchase products before making a purchase.

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