How to design a comfortable factory lighting environment?

Classification of lighting methods

In modern factories, many tasks require workers to use their eyes with high intensity to complete. Workers must have good vision and focus on a certain workpiece or point to complete.

So a comfortable and lively working environment is very important for factory workers. Not only can it protect one’s glasses, alleviate eye fatigue, but it can also improve work efficiency.

How to break through factory lighting design?

Firstly, the task of factory lighting is to ensure good visibility in the working environment. Make work safer and more proactive, and avoid accidents. Reduce the number of faulty and non-conforming products and improve productivity.

Secondly, a good factory lighting design should have sufficient and uniform light in the working area. Higher luminous flux, suitable color temperature, and reduced glare.

Classification of lighting methods

The lighting methods in factories mainly include three aspects: general lighting, local lighting, and mixed lighting.

General lighting: also known as main lighting. It is generally placed on the middle roof to provide overall lighting for the space, and the quantity is usually arranged according to the size of the factory.

Local lighting: It is used in conjunction with general lighting according to production needs. Place lighting fixtures to illuminate work points in locations that require special emphasis on lighting.

Mixed lighting: generally used in large factories. Match main lighting with local lighting to reduce light and shadow areas.

Classification of lighting methods

Selection of lighting methods

  1. High requirements for illumination. Places where the density of the working location is not high and it is not reasonable to use general lighting alone should use mixed lighting.
  2. The illumination requirements for homework are not high, or are limited by production technical conditions. When it is not suitable to install local lighting or when using mixed lighting is unreasonable. General lighting should be used separately.
  3. When a certain work area requires higher than general lighting intensity, use partitioned general lighting.
  4. When the general lighting in the partition cannot meet the illumination requirements, add local lighting.
  5. Local lighting should not be installed only in the work area.
Selection of lighting methods

However, when high-strength Gas-discharge lamp is used as general lighting. In workplaces where people often work, the lighting standard should not be lower than 50Lx. For general lighting in mixed lighting, the illuminance value should be 5% to 15% of the mixed lighting illuminance value of that level, and the illuminance should not be less than 30Lx. But when using high-strength strange discharge lamps, it should not be less than 50Lx.

Types of lighting fixtures

The selection of lighting fixtures in factory workshops is directly related to the lighting intensity of the working environment and also directly affects work efficiency. So the selection of factory lighting fixtures is intuitive and important. At present, the commonly used lighting sources for factory workshop lighting mainly include metal halide lamp, Induction lamp and LED lamp.

LED lighting is the most promising among them. We usually refer to factory workshop lighting fixtures as factory or mining lights. Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures through reasonable lighting scheme design can not only save energy. And it can significantly improve the comfort level of workers’ work efficiency.

So, the specific use of lighting fixtures needs to be determined based on the height of the factory building to determine the lighting fixtures and light sources to be used.

Reasonable illumination

The lighting factors that affect the visual perception of factory lighting. It mainly includes illumination level, brightness distribution, color appearance, light shadow and light color. But these factors have varying degrees of impact on work efficiency, with illumination, also known as light efficiency, having the greatest impact on work efficiency.

The illuminance standard for general lighting of industrial buildings is also stipulated in the national standard. For working surfaces that require additional local lighting. The increased local lighting brightness value should be 1-3 times the general lighting illuminance value on site. In addition, specific workplace lighting standards for various factories should also be designed in accordance with relevant industry regulations.

Standard values of illumination on the working surface in the workplace

  1. Convenient maintenance and safe use should be considered.
  2. In factories with explosive gases or dust, dustproof, waterproof, or LEDexplosion-proof lights should be used. Control switches should not be installed in the same location, and explosion-proof switches should be used when they need to be installed in the same location.
  3. In wet indoor and outdoor places, closed lamps with Water of crystallization outlets or open lamps with waterproof openings shall be selected.
  4. Spot lights should be used in hot and dusty areas.
  5. Sealed lighting fixtures should be used in rooms with corrosive gases and particularly humid conditions. All components of the lighting fixtures should undergo anti-corrosion treatment, and the switchgear should be equipped with protective devices.
  6. Indoor areas with dust should use fully enclosed lighting fixtures based on the amount and nature of dust emitted.
  7. In the factory where the lighting fixtures may be mechanically damaged. Lamps with protective net shall be used: places where there are forging hammers, air compressors and Overhead crane in the vibration places). Luminaires with shockproof devices should be used.
Standard values of illumination on the working surface in the workplace

Takeaway: A factory is a place for production and processing, and the main purpose of industrial lighting is to improve productivity. Ensure production safety and create a comfortable visual environment. There is an inseparable relationship between lighting and work efficiency, and the quality of lighting directly affects the overall production efficiency.

So when designing factory lighting illuminance, reasonable lighting calculations and lamp arrangements should be based on the corresponding lighting standards and actual site needs. Ensure a certain level of lighting and reduce productivity decline caused by insufficient lighting.

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