How To Do Quality Control for the Sourcing Agent if the Customers are not in China?

How To Do Quality Control for the Sourcing Agent if the Customers are not in China?Quality control for the sourcing agent is an important subject to be considered. It can determine whether the sourcing agent is a professional or not. Of course it takes time when defind and do quality control. But it will be worth in the future.

How does the Quality control work ?

 The quality control is one of the parts of the sourcing agent. It is important because it helps to reduce the risks, and improve the efficiency in doing business when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Quality control can be done in different ways such as: -Checking the samples and requirements provided by clients.

-Ask for more detailed information about the product or service if there are some uncertainties.

-Ensure that suppliers have enough facilities and resources to fulfill orders.

How much does quality control cost?

How much does quality control cost?Quality control costs depend on the type of product or service that is being checked. It can range from $300 to $800 for a small order and up to $1,000 or more for a large order.

quality control cost

There are several types of quality control:

Section: 1.Sourcing agent staff goes to factory for inspection and takes pictures or videos . Sourcing agent staff will go to the supplier’s factory and check the product details, including size, color, weight etc.

-If there are any issues with the order, such as wrong color or size of products delivered by suppliers, sourcing agent staff can reject them and ask for redo.


Section: 2.Sourcing agent staff works with factory to get samples for customers by courier,with freight prepaid and collect ed by you. For the first order, we can send samples to you with freight prepaid and collect.

If you want to test the quality of products before place an order, sourcing agent staff will help you get samples from suppliers and send them by courier to your address.

Section: 3.Re-inspect the goods when they arrive at warehouse or packing site . When the goods arrive at our warehouse or packing site, sourcing agent staff will inspect them to ensure that they are in good condition. If there is any damage to products during shipping, we will contact suppliers for redo.

Quality control procejure

Quality Control Procedure

As a experienced sourcing agent, we aften follow the below steps. But not all the steps are necessaries. Our customers decide several steps on different situation.

Factory audit

Our sourcing agent will visit the factory and check the quality of raw materials, production process, packing quality and other.

Sample test and confirmation.

 Once the factory has good quality and their products meet our requirements, we will arrange a sample test. If the sample meets our requirements, we will confirm the order and make payment.

Pre-preproduction inspection.

 Often take 3%-5% products as test sample and send to our factory for pre-production inspection.If the quality meets our requirements, we will start production.

During Production inspection

We often pick out 20-30% products to check randomly. Our sourcing agents will check the quality of these products and whether they are produced according to the requirements. If they pass the inspection, they will continue to produce.

Preshipment inspecting

60%-80% products will be chedked on-spot factories by our sourcing agent. If the quality meets our standards, we will arrange shipment and send these products to you.

Container loading inspection

 Our procurement specialist often tracks the loading status of containers on site, checking whether there are any defects in the products, the quantity of products, etc. The quantity, CNS, N.W, etc. will also be recorded for the purpose of developing a packing list after loading is completed.

Takeaway: The key is for the sourcing agent to go to the factories for inspection and take pictures or videos,so that your customers can see their orders with their own eyes.

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