What is a factory audit and why is it necessary to conduct an audit?

factory audit

When you are running a business, your time is precious. You may want to know what happened during the audit process in China ?What is a factory audit and why is it necessary to conduct an audit? Next, we will introduce to you.

The purpose of the factory audit?

The auditor goes to the factory site for an audit, which is called a factory audit.

The purpose of factory audit refers to the customer’s review of the factory’s output and capacity,propose factory inspection requirements. Focusing on the production status, environmental hygiene, and compliance with national laws and the requirements required by traders.

Why do we need to conduct a factory audit?

Factory inspection can determine the factory’s situation in terms of product quality and social responsibility.

Factory inspection personnel are generally professional auditors or representatives of the client’s company entrusted by the client for certification.After preliminary screening, customers will choose a good factory for their next inspection.

By visiting and inspecting the factory to see if it is formal and professional, and if the quality can withstand a round of inspection and testing, we can confirm our intention to cooperate.

factory audit

What are the types of factory audits?

1.Human rights inspection factory

The human rights inspection factory is called social responsibility standard certification and customer standard review.

Human rights factory inspection is called social responsibility audit, and social responsibility factory evaluation. Mainly responsible for the protection of workers and the environment. For example, prohibiting the use of child labor, opposing discrimination and oppression of workers, etc.

2.Quality inspection factory

The quality inspection factory is based on the requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system. For example, raw material inspection, process inspection, risk assessment, etc. The main audit standards are SQP, GMP, QMS, etc.

Quality inspection factory

3.Anti-terrorism factory inspection

Anti terrorism factory product inspection is the establishment of a supply chain security management system in cooperation with relevant industries.Ensure the transportation safety of the supply chain from the starting point to the destination.This will prevent the infiltration of terrorists and also help combat cargo theft and other crimes.

What are the standards for factory auditing?

Factory auditing standards include the requirements for a factory to be certified as compliant with standards. The main focus is on ensuring that the factories meet international quality standards and conditions.Including health and safety, environmental protection, and labor rights.

traders and factories

Takeaway:Nowadays, more and more traders and factories are realizing the importance of factory audit guidance, but it is crucial to choose a reliable factory audit service provider and improve the success rate of factory audits. That’s why you need to conduct audits of Chinese factories to avoid fraudulent behavior by Chinese suppliers.

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